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Anatomy is a ghost project by Testing Vault musician Dani Alvo and Deison. Both have previously collaborated in Testing Vault and Deison’s solo work over the years, so they combined to form this ghost collaboration Anatomy (IT). Loony Tic is also a ghost label, around 300 copies of an album will be released, like a limited edition artwork, then they’ll disappear. Dead Man and a Skeleton Stag has some impressive graphic artwork and text adorning it: in its physical form this ghost release materializes well in the flesh. The album was recorded via Deison recording the Drones and dANi working over them with noises and sounds, all recorded in one take.
The concept behind Anatomy is being a temporary anxiety, a damage that lasts the time you play the record. Then we disappear and the world became normal.
 - dANi Alvo 2012
Ghost Cocktails is a combination of subtle drones and looped keyboard beats. It sounds partly like dreaming while a nearby tap leaks and becomes one with the dream. It chases the ghost of Coil, in a way it finds trails of that ghost and runs them before going elsewhere; this is exciting as the Ghost becomes the operative word. The subtle clangs and sax noises fit in perfectly. There are little nods to Bladerunner; at once a future and a past.
Death In Ormav serves as a brief landscape awaiting a storm and sitting in between two long pieces. Discipline with Morphine takes over where Ghost Cocktails left off; deep drones form a base for more avant clanging. This is a sideways return to the Testing Vault preference to early avant garde and Fluxus sounds. Obviously there’s beauty to it, which also seems to flow through Dead Man… the looped sample and whispered noises repeat for ages perfectly. Drones and Angry Power Electronic vocals form an odd cocktail, a Ghost Cocktail? The vocals are layered and intensified and push in one direction while the drones Ghost chase in another: perfect tension that moves into further subtle arrangements.
Life in Vam Ro rumbles quietly and briefly, a muffled field recording? Death in Ormav and is followed by the longer Embracing Elevolv; Tropical beats, drones and inaudible vocals exist together, further stunning subtle beats respond to raises in drones, vocals disappear and return at perfect times. Electronic noises along with looped spiralling sounds raise the suspense and cause reactions to this within the work. Hypomania III’s mild electronics turn into scraped noises over tiny beats.
This is a haunted and half conscious album, lit by the blue glow of a late night computer screen. Anatomy chases the ghosts of dead heroes, pulled sideways by a long and very distant past, informed by the lonely early AM city, a lonely caffeine-fuelled journey hallucinating from its creators lack of sleep, perhaps it caught up on those trails or perhaps it didn’t? I don’t care; the journey couldn’t have been more perfectly executed.
Rating: 5/5
Written by: Lazrs4

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